Tally Systems

Buying, selling, manufacturing, and management of lumber requires accurate measuring and solid knowledge of dimensions of your inventory.   Sierra DigiTally is a patented Solution that focuses on simplifying lumber measurement and data collection so you can manage your lumber stock better.

Sierra DigiTally is based on firing a laser beam to read measurements from a special bar-coded Sierra RapidScan ruler.  With the dimensions captured Sierra DigiTally computes the volume, totals the counts, and saves all the data.   All you have to do is point and shoot!

  • Operator holds the RapidScan Ruler against the lumber board to measure

  • Scans the bar-code mark corresponding to the width of the board  

  • Width is captured, volume is computed and saved in the Sierra DigiTally software

In this illustration:

  • Operator scanned 3 inches from the RapidScan Ruler
  • Data was captured by Sierra DigiTally
  • Totals were computed and registered

Note that scanning can be done via device's internal scanner, or a bluetooth scanner such as a ring-scanner or a standard laser scanner.

A flexible stainless steel ruler with bar-coded data for quick input.  The ruler contains actual measurement markings on the front, and other data such as species, grades, thickness, and length input on the back side. Operator can easily select a product from the back, then measure by scanning bar-codes on the front.  They can change lengths during tallying and continue to measure widths. There's also an "undo" bar-code that removes the latest entry each time its scanned; so any errors can be corrected just as quickly. 

The RapidScan Ruler is available for Imperial and Metric measurements.

Imperial:  1" markings, measures 1 to 24 inches.

Metric:  1cm (10mm) markings, measures 1 to 60 cm (long ruler), and 1 to 35 cm (short ruler).

There's a small catch to rest the ruler against the edge of the lumber to secure while taking measurements.


Sierra DigiTally and Sierra Stock Introduction