Custom Software and Integration

Information is one of the most important assets of your business.  While Sierra gives you powerful tools and data management capabilities, our systems are an extension of your business and our objective is not to replace how you handle your information or restructure your data.

We have successfully  implemented many customized features and data integration needs for our customers.  In some cases the customization can be simple and serve your specific data and processing needs.

Software Customization 

  • Mobile App Feature Additions, Changes
  • Mobile App Functional Customizations
  • Stock Application Feature and Functional Customizations
  • Bar-code and Scanning Modifications


  • Data Conversion and Integration to/from Customer's Database
  • Data Integration to/from ERP systems
  • Data Integration to/from Microsoft Excel
  • Data Integration to/from QuickBooks or other 3rd Party Software Solutions

The Process and Cost of Customization

First, we'd like to  have a meeting with you to understand your requirements, there's no charge for meeting and discussing solution options.  Second, we will outline necessary technical components, review the proposal with you.  Once a basic structure and plan is identified, we will present the major milestones and provide a cost estimate for development and deployment. If you approve we can get started on work, or if there are additional considerations we can make any adjustments necessary.  The important part of this process is that you'll have a clear cost quotation to make your decision. The analysis and estimate process itself does not involve any costs.

If you have a specific customization or integration question, please contact us.