Inventory Management with Sierra Stock

Sierra Stock is a Lumber Inventory software for lumber and wood products businesses. The system helps you manage your wood products inventory, create reports,  provides search capabilities, and integrates with Sierra's mobile apps to quickly count and measure wood.  It's a robust application that has been developed with simple controls and screens via feedback from our customers over the course of many years. It's a proven system with a solid track record, to help you take control.

Sierra Stock Major Features:

  1. Cloud:  Web application accessible from anywhere; and at the warehouse and yard with wi-fi access.
  2.  Real-Time: Data is available in real-time, bundles and tallies are uploaded directly from mobile devices.
  3. Stand-Alone: System can be used stand-alone, mobile device integration is not required
  4. Multi-Platform: Runs on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and desktop PC
  5. Mobile Integration:  Android and Windows device data integrates with Sierra Stock
  6. Manage: Review, edit, manage lumber packs and tally data
  7. Search:  Detailed search by species, grades, thickness, dimensions and quantities
  8. Reports: Detailed tally (for export and other purposes), packs, shipments, and transactions
  9. Logo: Include your company logo on reports
  10. Labels: Print bar-coded labels to your standard printer for basic labeling needs.
  11. Shipments:  Create Shipments, and other transactions
  12. Export Data:  Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel
  13. Multiple Units of Measure:  Imperial (Board-Feet) and Metric (cubic meters, mm and cm) units 
  14. Multi-lingual: Available in Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish. 

Sierra Stock application is a lumber inventory software accessible from anywhere and on any devices, your tablet, laptop, or desktop PC, with an internet connection.  You can directly enter stock data, block tallies, update inventory, search, create shipments, enter other transactions, and more.  Visit Devices & Equipment and Tally Systems pages  to find out about systems and equipment that integrate with Sierra Stock. 

Sierra Stock Video

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