Devices & Equipment

Sierra's solutions include a line of devices, equipment, and software.  Products listed here are used in mobile data collection functions with Sierra DigiTally software.  

Mobile App

Sierra DigiTally Mobile

Sierra's Android App available on Google Play, runs on smartphones and tablets to measure lumber with the aid of a Bluetooth scanner and Sierra RapidScan ruler. Manage packs and tally data, print…

Mobile Device

Mobile A7

The A7 has full color touch screen, 1D scanner, and a numeric keypad; it's a light-weight device with hand-strap, and our feature-rich  Sierra DigiTally Mobile App License is included.  Connects…

Mobile Device

Zebra MC92N

MC92 is one of the most rugged high-performance mobile devices available anywhere, it comes with Sierra DigiTally installed.  When you need to scan bar codes and collect data in the harshest of…

Mobile Device

Unitech EA 320

The Unitech EA320 industrial mobile pc comes with Sierra DigiTally Mobile App installed, and includes a built-in imager/scanner to take measurements with Sierra RapidScan ruler.  The Android…


Zebra ZQ600 Mobile Printer

Mobile printer connects to Sierra DigiTally via Bluetooth and prints 4" wide bar-code labels at the warehouse or yard.  Workers can tally and produce labels on the spot with Sierra DigiTally and…


Sierra RapidScan Ruler

Quickly and accurately measure and tally lumber by scanning from the Sierra RapidScan Ruler.  Flexible stainless steel ruler is 1-inch wide and 24 inches long, product characteristics such as…


Ring Scanner

Scan measurements and data into the Sierra DigiTally Mobile app via the bluetooth scanner that can be worn on your finger. Capture widths and product data with ease. 

Ring Scanner is easy…


Glove Scanner

Glove Scanner adds hands-free practical scanning to your Sierra DigiTally operations.  Package includes scanner, glove, and charging cradle.  1D Zebra Scanner Engine,  detachable scanner, trigger…