About Sierra

Sierra is a US  technology company located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Primarily, we are engaged in providing solutions for the distribution and manufacturing sector with mobile data collection, labeling, stock control, and transaction processing capabilities. Our Sierra DigiTally line and patented ruler Sierra RapidScan, provide an effective method to measure and count products, capture and process product and transaction-data across the supply-chain  in a seamless fashion.

Sierra DigiTally is designed for wood products distribution, manufacturing, and related vertical markets.  Our Success is measured by the Success of our Customers; Lumber suppliers, distributors, manufacturers of furniture, windows/doors, cabinets,  millwork companies, export/importers, and retailers. We serve Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses, and all our customers are important to us.  Our clients have access to technologically advanced skills, higher degree of technical aptitude, and innovative tools and software products

Our Company

Sierra was established in 1990 to offer solutions in information technologies by creating innovative products and solutions. Our mission is to provide high-technology tools and software for our customers, enable them to harness the power of computing in their business at an affordable rate.

We partner with industry leaders such as Zebra, Unitech, and Amazon in order to bring robust solutions to our customers.


Our Philosophy

We engineer simple solutions, listen to our customers, value their feedback when building systems.  We believe in partnering with our customers to address their challenges. We aim to establish trust and good communications with our partners so we can provide high quality products and services.  We thank you for your interest in our products and services, and look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon!



Our outlook will remain the same as far as our values are concerned, but we will continue to evolve  with advancing technologies to empower our customers:

We will continue to provide innovative software products
We will offer added value without added cost
We will continue to support our customers
We will keep it simple

"Opportunity is missed by most people, because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work."

Thomas Edison.

Customer Use Cases & Testimonials

OHC is an importer of tropical hardwoods and exotics, originally founded in 1917. One of their primary challenges was measuring lumber when they acquired random-width inventory. They experimented with different technology solutions, finally decided to deploy Sierra DigiTally in 2018. "Would not be able to do random width business without Sierra DigiTally, we have had great success", says Therese.
Therese H.
OHC Inc.
Established in 1953 Keiver-Willard receives shipments of domestic and imported hardwoods daily from environmentally conscious sawmills. Hardwoods wholesaler, manufacturer of mouldings, millwork, and flooring, processing 20,000 board feet of material daily. All incoming lumber is inspected for grade and moisture content, and tally accuracy. Keiver-WIllard installed Sierra DigiTally in 2010, utilizing to pull customer orders, tallying, printing mobile labels, processing at a fast pace with Sierra's cloud solution.
Tom S.
Keiver-Willard Lumber
Tigerton Lumber established 1887, provides Hardwoods in domestic and export markets, producing about 13.5 Million Board-Feet of lumber. Previously used a dot-tally system, and this caused bottlenecks. In 2011 Tigerton deployed Sierra DigiTally; benefits are "ease of getting the lumber data, time savings, looking up lumber inventory, answering customer inquiries quickly" says Mike. "Our savings are in both labor and cost, we’ve cut tallying time in half" he continues. "Sierra DigiTally is a time saving tool, also it provides better management of inventory and enables increased turn. It pays for itself." Mike S.
Mike S.
Tigerton Lumber

A few of Our Wonderful Customers...