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Sierra RapidScan is a patented method for measuring and counting products. It's a special ruler with barcodes that allows you to scan widths with a laser beam, instead of entering manually. You can also scan other information from the ruler such as product types, for ease of data collection. It's a flexible stainless-steel ruler, 24" in length. In Lumber applications, RapidScan helps with end-tally operations and data collection. Please visit Sierra RapidScan page for more information.
Generally, you'll use the mobile system to collect data at the yard or warehouse, and manage it at the office. The data you collect becomes part of your business, provides access to stock information to help with your operations and increase efficiencies. First, you'll use a mobile device and RapidScan ruler to scan your tallies. The tallies are saved on the mobile device by pack #. When you connect the mobile device, the data is copied to the stock application, Sierra Stock. Now all of the data you saved is available for access in real-time from anywhere. You may run reports, search for a specific product, print labels, manage packs, create shipments ... Suppose you would like to know if you have Red Oak, FAS, 4/4 in inventory ... you enter your search criteria and the system will display the packs with that information. You may also print tally reports, used for exporting or for customer shipments, create shipments and reports, maintain your stock easily and effectively.
You capture the tallies on your mobile device. Once finished, you can upload the tallies to the Sierra Stock application via wi-fi or cabled connection. Then, each pack tally will be available to print in a detailed Tally report, also available to print Labels. You may print the reports using your regular printer that's connected to your PC. In addition, you can also print labels from your mobile device using a bluetooth enabled mobile printer. You can save reports as a PDF file too, and e-mail to your customers. With our system your tallies are not thrown away as some of the older systems required in the past. Those other systems required to print on a specific printer connected to the handheld. With Sierra DigiTally you can use your existing printers. In summary, our system allows you to save the packs you tallied, this way, you have the convenience and option to print as needed.

If you plan to use your Android device, smartphone or tablet, you can download Sierra DigiTally from Google Playstore, we offer a 30-day free trial. See Sierra DigiTally Mobile App page.

If you'd like to deploy one of our devices with Sierra DigiTally installed, our solution guarantee with equipment is 10-day risk-free trial.

If you'd like to try the Sierra Stock cloud application please send us a request and we'll send you login credentials to access the application online. Please visit our Demo Page for more information.
Other handheld systems are not specifically designed for capturing tallies; they are based on manual data-entry. User visually reads and then keys-in the data by hand. This is tedious work that requires extended user-focus, and it's error prone. Their method is also not much different than using a standard ruler and a calculator. The difference in our system is that a laser-beam is used to read the value from the ruler, that reduces the possibility for errors and speeds up the tallying. User doesn't have to focus as much while he or she is shooting and scoring. A "single-beam" reads the data and calculates everything needed. So more work is done by the system, and not by the operator. Operator's eyes or movements do not need to shift from lumber to device with each entry. With Siera DigiTally each time the laser trigger is squeezed, you capture the width, calculate, and save automatically -- Sierra RapidScan is not only faster but more accurate. You just shoot and score.
The pack numbers are generated based on your definitions. For example, if you'd like to increment a number based on a starting number, such as 2400, next number will be 2401. Or you can design a custom number generation rule, one that includes a date and a sequence, in the form DDMMYY-#, such as 012021-1, next number will be 012021-2. Alternatively, you can include characters and prefixes, such as "ABC-1005", and so on... In some cases, you may also want to enter a pack number manually, the system will ask to enter a pack number. The pack number creation can be configured to match your needs.
Yes, you can define your current product data, species, grades and/or any product codes you now use in your business. You can add, edit, delete products on the Sierra Stock application, and synchronize with all your devices.

We offer economical options as well as packaged systems with high-end rugged devices. Sierra DigiTally is also available on Android devices and you can visit Google Playstore for pricing, download and try it risk-free for 30 days.

For package pricing and Sierra Stock application, please send us a request via the contact form or call us; based on your specific needs we can provide specific pricing as well as proposing a targeted solution.